Thursday, November 27, 2014

A 2014 Thanksgiving

Quick post today, because not only am I eager to officially kick-start my Thanksgiving, I'm sure ya'll are, too (if ya'll haven't already).

I just wanted to give all of ya'll a quick thank you: to my readers, to my friends (old and new), and most of all to every other writer and author out there who continues to inspire me to keep writing and following my dreams. It's because of ya'll that so many great things have happened to me this past year, and so many opportunities have led to me being extremely hopeful about my future for once in my life.

Ya'll are incredible. Truly.

Now, if you're American and you're reading this: go eat lots of good food. Even if you're not: still go eat good food because good food is fantastic.

Hppy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. We're incredible. We know. Thank you. But you are too.

    So now go write like nobody's ever gonna read it, and arrange the letters in such a way that the paper will blush with intense desire and complete horror. Make the sheets curls like toes at the high point. Push the boundaries and societal norms into the chasm and watch them spin hopelessly before they disappear, engulfed by the dark icy waters of your skill and determination.

    If anyone says your writing sucks, look them straight in the eye and tell them that obviously you didn't write it for them.

    Also, beware the lure of ease. Always climb the cliff from the sheerest side.

    1. Eh, I think ya'll are even more incredible, but I'll take the compliment, Chris :)

      Also: how is it possible that you're so poetic in everything you say? It's incredible. And inspiring. And I love you all the more for it.

    2. Poetic? Me? I just listen to the music in my head and set words to it :)

      What is it you younger people say when faced with an effusion of compliments and expressions of love and tenderness? Ah, yes: Awwww!

    3. Well, didn't you say you studied music in college? So that makes sense :)

      And, yes, "Awwwww!" is correct :)

    4. I took one piano class in college... (woah, that was, gosh, in 1998?) But that's not where the musicality came from.

      (I don't know where it came from... But it's there for real...)

    5. Well, that's still one more instrument than I can play. So :P