TMCL, or Things My Characters Learned (the Hard Way), is a short and simple, weekly blog feature that posts every Friday, in which I detail a very small, but very important, "lesson" of sorts that my characters in any of my current writing projects might have learned during the week.

Now, this lesson isn't a moral. It's simply the reason why a situation went bad.

Why am I doing this? I personally think it's a fun way to share the kinds of plot points that help move a project from point A to point B (because if the characters had thought about any of this before the scene happened, odds are the scene wouldn't have happened in the first place). It's also a great way to keep myself, as a writer, accountable for my writing during the entire week.

Want to join in? Go for it! All I ask is that you link back to me and provide a link in the comments of the current TMCL so I can check it out, and so others can, too!

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