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I review books. Primarily, these books are YA and include any sort of speculative fiction: sci-fi, cli-fi, apocalyptic, dystopian, steampunk, etc. Don't despair, though; I read pretty much anything. I don't get paid in any way for my opinions, either: I buy my own books, and I post my own reviews. Also: my reviews are based on my own personal opinion, and nothing more.

When I review books, it's based on a fairly simple review template:


(Last Updated October 24, 2014)

Each section gets rated on a five-star scale. At the end of the review, there's a final score that's created by taking the average of the previous four categories. Here's what each rating means:

☆  I really, strongly disliked
☆  Meh . . .
☆  Liked it, but it could have been a tad better
☆  I didn't love it, but pretty darn close
  I absolutely loved it

Generally a rating of 3 or above stars (overall or within the category) is good. 

If you have a book you'd like me to review, don't hesitate to contact me: raelee.oestreich@gmail (dot) com. Put the words BOOK REVIEW REQUEST in the subject line. In the body of the email, you should have all of your relevant book information: title, author, pitch. I'll get back to you with whether I'm taking the book on or not.

**Note: I read the books and write the reviews on my own free time. I love to do it, but occasionally I simply don't have time. My schooling comes first, so if I realize that I don't have the time to put the right amount of effort into the review, I reserve the right to decline a review request.**

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