The Blog:

What Happened to the Wallflower? was sprouted in February of 2014, and is a combination reading/writing blog. The books come from the author's current reads, and include reviews along with the occasional cover reveal and author interview. The writing part comes from Rae's own experience in the writing world, and while she doesn't consider herself an expert, she does think that she at least knows a little bit about her own processes of creating through words.

The Author:

Rachel Oestreich sometimes writes as Rae Slater, but she normally just goes by Rae. She is a student at New Mexico State University studying English with an Emphasis in Creative Writing and a minor in History. Upon entering high school in 2008, she began writing fiction instead of doing her homework, and so her passion for creating through words began.

Rae has completed three novels. The most recent one, The Hollow Men, is her pride and glory, and she is working on edits when she can get around her course readings and essays. Her favorite genres to write include dystopian and post-apocalyptic, usually with a clever mix of science-fiction thrown in.

When she's not working, writing, or procrastinating her school work, Rae can be found listening to music, watching movies, and wondering if she'd survive the zombie apocalypse, usually at the same time.

Rae currently lives in New Mexico, where she drinks too much coffee and craves more chocolate than can be considered healthy.

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