Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Proposal

No, I'm not getting married. Let's just get all of that ironed out, okay?

If ya'll have managed to catch my Tweets at certain points this week, you might have noticed I've been losing my mind trying to write a thesis proposal.

In case ya'll need a catch-up: I'm in my fifth semester in college, and I'm pretty much set to graduate in December 2015. This means that in the next two semesters, I need to get my thesis done, and it's kind of recommended (and I was going to beg and plead otherwise) to do your senior thesis the semester before you graduate, meaning I need to get mine done in the Spring. Which is next semester.

Yay me?

So far it's been an adventure. I had one advisor, and then found out that he can't really do anything to help me with my idea. So I was recommended to someone else, who is fantastic and wound up being a  (hopefully) perfect fit for me. Next step; write the proposal for my project, get it approved, and then I can officially be signed up for the "course" that designates that yes, I really am writing my thesis.

Last night, I finally got the rough draft of my proposal finished. *cheers*

This morning, I also woke up early to register for classes and I'm pretty happy with my schedule. But, honestly, next semester it's going to be my thesis that freaks me out. I'll let ya'll know the subject of it once it's approved (I really don't want to jinx myself), but I can tell you: it's going to be freaking awesome.

Hopefully I'm also done running around like a chicken with its head cut off, since now I'm just editing that dang proposal, and then it's off to get approve (like I said: with luck).

And for all of ya'll doing NaNo: I hope it's going well!

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