Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Research Chronicles: March 2015

How it works: On the last day (or week; I'll be doing Wednesdays) of each month, you do a post about what you researched in that past month for your novel or other writing project, sharing links to articles, blog posts, videos and more. It’s also a way that you can gather all your information you researched, tell your readers why you researched it and in the process you are leaving this information open for your readers and other writers to use.

This blog hop/link-up, of sorts, is free for anyone to join in and not only have fun sharing what you researched (whether it be actual research of writing tips) but also connecting with other writers and assisting them in the areas of research!


I fail at life because I really didn't do that much research this month (may the writing and college gods smite me, I guess). I've been doing so much rewriting and edits that I haven't come across many holes in my WIP that need to be researched to fill in properly.

So...I'm sorry.

However, I'm always running across great articles about writing in general. As a writer who enjoys writing from multiple points of views, this article from Writers Helping Writers gives some Tips When Writing Multiple POV Novels, and while some of them I knew and always kept in mind, I learned a few more tidbits that are useful to keep in mind.

Here's also a fun fact that relates to my WIP: tungsten carbide is two times stiffer than steel and is denser than steel and titanium.

Another fun fact (relating to my WIP): the Riodinidae butterfly (commonly known as Metalmarks) are really pretty, and the pigment in their wings reflects light the same way as metal does.

(Pro-tip: when researching, it's okay to click on a Wikipedia article first. Skim it, then use the links under the 'references' section to get more reputable sources to double-check the facts in the article).


Like I said, I've completely failed in terms of researching this month. Hopefully next month I'll have some more stuff for you, but until then: remember that researching is actually really fun (but only when looking up things that relate to your WIP and not when you're trying to write a research paper for something school related. I mean, depending on the subject, that could be fun, too, I guess. But this is self-assigned, which automatically makes it better).

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