Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Wallflower 1-Year Blogerversary: Meet Rae (Again)

In case ya'll didn't know, Tuesday, February 24 was my official 1-Year Blogging Anniversary! *shoots confetti* Yes, I did purposely not tell anyone. No, I don't have a reason. Yes, I am very excited because I've been doing this for a whole entire year.

To celebrate, I'm doing multiple things today:

  1. Introducing myself. It dawned on my that I met many of ya'll lovelies long after my initial introductory post; besides, a lot's changed in a year! So I've got some random facts about myself, should ya'll be curious about who, exactly, I am.
  2. There's some new features hopefully coming to the blog soon; I figured I'd give ya'll a small sneak-peek as to what I've been thinking about.
  3. Giveaway! Who doesn't love a nice giveaway?

Before all of that, though, I need to say: thank you. To everyone. Blogging's turned into a major part of my life, and I've met and connected with some amazing people because of it. I wouldn't be where I am, now - either blogging-wise or anywhere else - without the support and kindness of everyone I've met. So just know that I will always have a special place in my heart for all of you authors, readers, writers, and miscellaneous categories of awesome peoples.

And, as always, please feel free to introduce or re-introduce ya'll-selves in the comments, too! I love to meet new people, so don't be shy!


I was totally going to do bullet points...then I realized nothing about my life belongs in a bulleted list. Therefore, ya'll get *gasp* paragraphs! And pictures!
This is me.
Photo (c) Melissa Vigil

Anyway, I'm Rae. I'm in my third year at New Mexico State University, studying to get my B.A. in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing, as well as a minor in History. I write YA, read YA, blog about writing and reading, tweet about practically everything (really, I'm a loon), occasionally hole up in my room like a hermit, drink a lot of coffee, stress out over school work, flail and fangirl over my favorite books (and grammar: semi-colons are totally the shizz-nit), and I watch a lot of movies.

I'm 20 years old. I'll be graduating college in December. After that? No clue besides more reading and writing. I've written three YA novels in my lifetime, and the most recent of those is currently in its third draft of revisions (which may or may not be a good thing because I kind of don't know what's happening).

I also love editing: editing is my future (well, if I have anything to say about it, at least). Not only does editing help me learn more about the craft of writing, but I genuinely love getting the opportunity to clean up a manuscript for a friend or colleague and help them make it shiny and new-looking. What does this mean for you? If you have something you'd like a new set of eyes on, just ask. I can't guarantee a yes, but it'll be painful for me to turn down a new opportunity.

Most of all? I love meeting new people. I love talking about writing with other writers, and reading with other readers, and I love talking about anything with anyone. I've been told I'm easy to get along with, and while I often question that statement I certainly try my best.
This is also me. In the awful lighting of my apartment.
Which explains the face I'm making, right?
Actually, I make that face a lot . . .

Hm...what else can I tell you about me? I have a tattoo and I certainly want more; I keep saying that I'll dye my hair but I doubt I'll ever do it. I don't like Nutella. I spend most of my money on books, which drives my roommate crazy (our apartment is kind of small). Cherries are delicious, as is coffee and most breads. Pop-up books are incredible things (I have a Sherlock Holmes one and an Edgar Allen Poe one; be jealous). I say "ya'll" a lot; is that interesting?

And...okay, I'm honestly out of breath. And I don't want to bore ya'll. Have questions for me? Shoot me a tweet, a question on tumblr, an I said, I'll respond! Like I also said: I love chatting, so even if you ever just want to talk, I'm here for you.

I'm actually here for you in multiple places (besides the blog): Twitter * Tumblr * Facebook * Goodreads

Coming to The Wallflower (soon-ish):

To celebrate blogging for a whole stinking year, I'm going to *try* to add some fun monthly/maybe weekly things here on the blog, including:
  • Letters to Literary Heroes: in which I write letter to some of my favorite book characters ever.
  • Things My Characters Learn (the Hard Way): a short little snippet about the ways in which the characters I write basically go through hell.
Both of these little do-dads will, of course, be things I'd love others to play with, as well, so if you have questions or suggestions for them let me know! They'll be starting up anywhere within the next week, or even the next month, and hopefully we can all have some fun with them!


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  1. So so soon excited for the new post coming to your blog! Eep! Fun stuffs :D and as for a random fact about me....Hmmm *thinks* Ummm.... Random fact: (Yet not really) I am the oldest of 8 kids...and quite proud of that. Though I THINK you might have known that already XD heehee.

    Aaaaaanywho! *gives you cake* Happy Blog-ish Birthday! :)

    1. Thank you! I really hope they go well (both on my end and the reader's end XD). I'm really looking forward to doing some new thinks ^_^ And I think I remember you saying something about a big family once upon a time; yikes! But more to love?

      *eats cake* Thank you, dear!

    2. New things are always fun! :D and Haha yeah, I'm sure i've mentioned it before. :P

  2. Happy blogging anniversary! *throws confetti*
    I'm super excited about your upcoming posts - they look really neat!

    1. *dances in confetti* Thanks, Aimee! And thank you! I really hope they go well; I'm really excited!

  3. No way! I started blogging a year ago two weeks ago. And HI! I love all your rambly facts. You're awesome!

    1. Dude, blog twins! *high fives* Thanks, I try to be awesome, so I'm glad it works out ;)

  4. "a short little snippet about the ways in which the characters I write basically go through hell." Yesss! Can't wait.

    You don't like Nutella? Excellent. More for the rest of us.

    A random fact from me? Mmmm, I once saw the Bolshoi ballet perform at an opera house in Paris, France. Although, I was twelve, and I could not have cared less.

    I'll not enter the drawing. Enjoying your writing is reward enough! (Gaaa, I need more nutella!)

    1. Well, I'm glad you approve of my characters' awful lives, Chris ^_^ I hope it doesn't disappoint!

      I'm not a ballet fan, but that sounds pretty impressive; twelve and careless or no. Thanks for commenting, Chris!

  5. Random fact about me: my middle name is Rae!

    1. No way! Imagine that; that's awesome! *high fives*

  6. I collect rocks and have a growing collection on my desk at school. :)

    Also, Race, Congrats! Having this for a year is great and I'm so excited for you! ^_^ I hope you continue to do great things with this and your other endeavors. :D

    1. I totally used to collect rocks, back when I lived in Maryland. I got rid of my collection when I moved *sad day* That's so awesome, though, Icee, and I never knew that about you!

      And thank you so much! You're giving me warm fuzzies <3

  7. I am terribly afraid of monarch butterflies. Or any butterfly with patterns on its wings. No idea why!

    Great blog post :)

    1. That is such an interesting, seriously. I happen to love butterflies, so I'm on the opposite spectrum XD Thanks so much for sharing!