Thursday, October 9, 2014

The College Update

I cannot tell a lie: last night I stayed up until a god-awful hour (for a school night) of 12 30 a.m. so I could watch American Horror Story: Freak Show, and that clown was so freaking creepy. And I'm not afraid of clowns, either (I've just never been fond of them).

This was me last night (sorry for the language, I don't have a filter when it's near midnight):

So, that happened.

And I'm really excited for The Walking Dead. *quietly squees*

Besides that...seriously, guys, my life is boring. I'm doing homework all the time and writing when I can (because, obviously). Let me tell you: I'm so stoked to get started editing THE HOLLOW MEN soon. It's been almost two months, and my fingers are finally itching to get to the keyboard and implement some large edits that I think will fix a few problems, so now all I need is to find the time when I'm the most sane.

Also: all semester my workshop class has been working on short stories, and we're finally in the actual "workshop" stage; normally this makes me cringe a little bit but I'm actually pretty excited. Have I told ya'll how much I love editing? As a mini-workshop we switched stories with one other person, and after the two/three hours I spent over her five-page piece I was strangely relaxed. I honestly love it.

Which makes me a bit of a grammar and editing nerd, but hey. Vive la grammaire.

What made it even more worth it after was receiving an email from my partner telling me how much she appreciated my comments, how helpful they were, and that she believed she got the best partner in the class.

*one tally for Rae*

Really, though, I just love basically everything about the writing process, and every article we read about writing in that class just rings so true to me because I've been there.

And that's my life right now.

Oh yeah: if I start acting like someone cut off my head, don't worry. I may or may not be starting to plan my senior honors thesis here in the land of college and I'm kind of freaking out over it.

What's new with ya'll?

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