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Author Interview: H.D. Lynn

Happy Tuesday, guys! Today I've got something fun for ya'll. H.D. Lynn's debut novel, GOD'S PLAY, was released a month ago, and I'm helping to celebrate it with a fun-filled interview with the author, herself.

Go forth and learn things, and make sure to check out her book when you're done!


Warm-Up Question: tell us a little bit about yourself, things that a reader won’t be able to find in your author bio.

I ate a Dunkin Donuts egg n’ cheese sandwich for breakfast this morning, and living in New England, I have four Dunkin Donuts within half an hour walking distance to choose from, so I like to mix the location up. Pretty sure ‘obsession with mediocre fastfood chain’ isn’t something most authors advertise, but there you have it: the breakfast of an author. This has…very little to do with my writing, except to say that I’m too lazy to buy English muffins and put an egg on one.

Everyone loves a good origin story; how did you get your start on writing, and what keeps you motivated?

I made picture books about talking horses when I was little (blame Disney for this phase). Then, I started to get better with words and burned packs of floppy disks (lol) writing about space samauri (blame Toonami for this phase). In middle school, I found fan fiction and fan forums, and it was all down (up?) hill since then. The stories themselves keep me motivated; I know I’m telling a good story when I can’t let it go.

When you write, are you a plotter or a pantser? What’s your process like?

First drafts are pretty pantsy. I have a one page outline with 8 major bullet points that I like to use. During the second draft (and subsequent drafts), I sit down and play connect-the-dots with themes; character arcs get fleshed-out; plot pot holes get filled in. This requires more outlining, trying to envision the story in a more complete way.

On the same note: what’s your editing process like?

Long. I write the first drafts really fast, but editing is a circuitous process. The first step is reading things out loud to myself and taking notes on what is and isn’t working; this is a scene by scene thing, and it takes a lot of time to complete. This, by the way, is only the initial revising by me; this doesn’t include betas, CP partners, or editors.

What’s your favorite part of fleshing out and writing a story? Characters, plot, world-building, etc?

Characters, 100%. Who I’m writing a story about will dictate what parts of the world you get to experience, and the plot will be constructed around the protag’s struggle.

What’s been the most surprising thing about the journey to publication?

How big and how little of an accomplishment it really is. It’s a lot of work to get a book published! But there’s millions of books published every year! It’s a contradiction, for sure.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Don’t give up! I wrote a post on my blog about imposter’s syndrome, and some of the ways I’ve dealt and am still dealing with it. It’s hard to value your own work, or at least it is for me. But if you don’t support yourself, who will? Writing can be a lonely endeavor, so staying connected is important.

Flash Round (Just for Fun):

Coffee or tea?

Coffee, although tea is preferred later in the day. Coffee is only a morning beverage.

Cats or dogs?


Summer or Winter?

Summer. June is my favorite month of the year because I grew up in one of the cloudiest areas in the US, and there’s SO MUCH LIGHT in June.

High heels or tennis shoes?

Ballet flats—take the third option! They’re like tennis shoes, but without smelling like them.

Describe yourself in one word.



Okay, I don't know about ya'll, but that was fun. And now, since ya'll have an idea of who H.D. Lynn is and what her writing process is like, why not check out her book?

https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22895484-god-s-playGod's Play
H.D. Lynn
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Release Date: September 18, 2014 

Sixteen-year old Toby was trained by a family of hunters to kill shape-shifters — but he has a unique weapon in his arsenal. With a touch of his hand, Toby can lift the magical protection shape-shifters use to disguise themselves as human. It’s an unusual skill for a hunter, and he prefers to kill monsters the old-fashioned way: with a blade.

Because of his special skill, Toby suspects he may be a monster himself. His suspicions deepen when William, a jackal-headed shape-shifter, saves him from an ambush where Toby’s the only survivor. And Toby doubts William helped him for purely altruistic reasons. With his list of allies running thin, Toby must reconcile his hatred of shifters and the damning truth that one saved his life. It’ll take both of them to track down the monster who ordered the ambush.

And Toby needs his unlikely alley because he has a vicious enemy — the infamous Circe, who has a vendetta to settle against the hunters. Toby has to unravel the mystery of his dual nature. And he has to do it on the run — before Circe finds him and twists him to her own ends.

Meet the Author:

H.D. Lynn is like Harry Potter in one way: she's currently renting an apartment with a bedroom under her building's stairs. Other than this, she explores fantasy worlds through storytelling like anyone else. She loves books with a mix of humor, adventure, and horror, and especially enjoys the urban fantasy genre. GOD'S PLAY is her first published novel.

When not writing, she enjoys hiking, climbing, and running. She's a voracious reader, and has found listening to audiobooks while backpacking to be a perfect mix of two of her favorite things. She currently lived in Connecticut, but finds herself on the road often.

Website * Twitter * Goodreads

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