Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tea Time: Chasing Freedom

**Warning: Spoilers May Abound** Freedom, Nicola S. Dorrington

Chase Finn is being hunted, and if he ever stops running he’s going to end up dead.

It doesn’t matter that he’s only seventeen. It doesn’t matter that just a few weeks ago he was a normal teenager. All that matters is that he is a threat, and the Agents tracking him will stop at nothing to see him neutralised.

With the line between friends and enemies blurring, Chase discovers he is just a pawn in the middle of a war that’s lasted for centuries, but he isn’t going to let himself be used any longer.

Soon both sides of the war are going to learn that the most important thing about Chase Finn isn’t that he’s a werewolf, it’s that he’ll sacrifice everything, even his own freedom, for the people he loves.

Cover-I like the boy on the cover, I like the moon, and I like the trees. They're all positioned fairly well, too, when looking at it from the technical perspective.

I think, overall, however, the cover should be on the darker side; if the moon's out, for example, it should be dark out (even with a glimmer of moonlight). Then there's the fact that it's somewhat of a dark novel. If there were a little more darkness and less white the tone and overall vibe of the cover would have worked better with the book.


Narrative-The narrative is told from the third person POV, in the perspective of Chase Finn. Overall, the writing was smooth and easy to read. At times, however, I felt like it was a little too simple: sentences too short, too often, for example.

I think that's the main problem I had while reading it. The simplicity made it difficult to feel the urgent nature associated with the plot.


Plot-I enjoyed the plot; then again, I've always enjoyed plots in which one species of people are being hunted down by another (particularly when it's run by the government, because then it creates all kinds of fictional juicy messes).

The pacing was off, though. There was too much plot without enough space within the novel, which prevented it from flowing together smoother. By the end, I felt like there was too much happening within the span of one novel without enough lead-in or hints along the way. I might have to wait and see what's in store with the sequel, but there were aspects of the plot, villain-wise, that could have fit in better had part of it been stretched out more; either more space within this novel, or else within a future one.


Characters-The characters were probably my favorite part of this. Chase, himself, was alright: a cocky teenage boy, but I think his voice came out pretty well during the actual narrative. Above all, though, it didn't really feel like there was anything special about him, so I'm still a little on the fence.

However, I loved the supporting cast. Victoria, Maladict, Anna, Kat, Andy, Jason, Will. Maybe I shouldn't be listing them, but I loved them. Them, their banter with each other, their abilities, their personalities. In all actuality I feel like I didn't get enough of them, a strange through considering they were always around. It would have been great to see them through their "special talents" in the same way we got to see Chase.


Final Answer: 3.25 / 5

Special thanks to Nicola S. Dorrington, who provided me with a copy of Chasing Freedom to read and review.


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